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Party Poker Close To Dealing Five Billionth Hand

Online Poker, 2006-08-20, by Ozone

Party Poker is about to hit a major milestone. Soon, the site will deal its 5 billionth hand. In the meantime, there are 8 "lucky hands" which could net players a sizable cash prize.

The lucky hands start with hand 4,965,000,000, and end with 5,000,000,000. Players dealt into a lucky hand receive a cash prize that is dependent on the size of the stakes at the table. Each winner of a lucky hand receives 50% of the jackpot while the rest of the table shares the remaining 50%. Should a lucky hand take place at a small stakes table, the jackpot prize will be less than if it had taken place at a larger stakes table.

For example, if hand 4,990,000,000 is dealt at a $3/$6 limit table, the table will share a $20,000 jackpot. However, if the hand is dealt in a $0.50/$1 game, the table only shares $12,000.

In addition to the aforementioned, if the winning player in any of the lucky hands makes a Royal Flush, they will win $1,000,000. This is kind of a slap-in-the-face by Party Poker to hinge their promotion on this $1,000,000 Royal Flush clause due to the extremely small chance a player will actually make a Royal Flush during one of the 8 lucky hands.

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