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Jamie Gold Sued For Half His WSOP Winnings

Law, 2006-08-22, by TwoGun

Jamie Gold's ticket to the 2006 Main Event was paid for by . Bodog agreed to buy Jamie's $10,000 seat if, in return, Jamie convinced some of his celebrity friends to play in the Main Event while wearing Bodog apparel.

Television executive Bruce Crispin Leyser met Jamie Gold in July and the two quickly became friends. According to a lawsuit being filed by Leyser; Gold asked Leyser to help him find celebrities to endorse Bodog in the Main Event. If Leyser did so, Gold promised that he would "share" his Main Event seat. In light of the fact that Bodog was only giving away one seat, Leyser reasonably deduced that "share the seat" meant "share the winnings". This is why he is suing Jamie Gold for $6,000,000.

Leyser held up his end of the arrangement by convincing Matthew Lillard and Dax Shepard to wear Bodog apparel while playing in the tournament.

As evidence for his case, Leyser allegedly has an answering machine recording of Jamie Gold wherein Gold says, "I promise you there's no way anybody will go anywhere with your money. It's your money."

Leyser also asked a judge to file a temporary restraining order to prevent Jamie Gold from collecting his winnings from the Rio. Leyser fears that Gold might spend or gamble away the money before the issue is resolved. Chief District Judge Kathy Hardcastle granted Leyser's request and has prevented Gold from collecting any of his winnings before Sept. 1st, the scheduled date of the case's first court hearing.

For more information on this situation, please check out this Las Vegas Sun article.

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