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Bonus Increase at The Gaming Club

, 2004-12-15, by TwoGun

The Gaming Club offers a very nice signup bonus for new players. Any player making a deposit of $20 or more is eligible to make up to $300 in bonus money. They used to only offer up to $200 in bonus money.

People earn this bonus money by receiving Bonus Redemption Points (BRPs). A player earns BRPs by being dealt in raked hands. A player receives 1 BRP at $.25-$.50 stakes and 3 BRPs at any game that is $.50-$1 or higher. For every 300 BRPs a person earns, they receive $20 from Gaming Club. Their old policy used to make players contribute to the rake to earn BRPs. Now that a player only needs to be dealt cards, a player can work off this bonus about three to four times faster. For more info about the bonus, read our Bonus Review for The Gaming Club.

In general, The Gaming Club is a good poker room, especially for no-limit. The one negative thing about The Gaming Club is that their security can be too tight; some players end up being unfairly banned from the network due to their security measures. For more information about The Gaming Club in general, check our our Gaming Club Poker Review.

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