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Jamie Gold Responds To Lawsuit

Law, 2006-08-27, by TwoGun

Crispin Leyser has sued Jamie Gold, the 2006 WSOP winner, for half of his WSOP winnings. Leyser claims that Gold and him made a deal before the tournament where Leyser would round up a couple of celebrities to wear apparel in exchange for half of Gold's winnings. Gold's entry into the tournament was sponsored by, and it is assumed that Bodog required Gold to find several celebrities to wear their apparel into the tournament in exchange for the entry fee.

Leyser has not received his $6 million share, so he has filed a lawsuit. Here is Gold's response, as issued through his public relations firm:

"Jamie Gold is disappointed that the plaintiff, a person he has only known since July of this year, has elected to file litigation rather than continue the parties' discussions in an effort to find a resolution to this matter. Mr. Gold believes strongly in the American judicial system and believes that it is better to present his case there than to try the matter before the court of public opinion. He is pleased to have had the opportunity to participate and win the World Series of Poker and is pleased with the quality of the tournament, his outstanding opponents, and Harrah's, the event organizer. Mr. Gold further appreciates the support of his fans and sponsor,, and hopes that this unfortunate litigation will not detract from the outstanding efforts of the entire field of participants in the World Series of Poker."

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