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WSOP Finalist Under Investigation For Bookmaking

Law, 2006-08-31, by TwoGun

When the WSOP final table was played, the cast of characters looked boring and uncontroversial. Apparently, members of the final table have had so much post-WSOP drama that soap operas now seem mild. Soon after the WSOP ended, the champion, Jamie Gold, became embroiled in a lawsuit over whether or not he promised half of his winnings to someone else. Now, the sixth place finisher, Richard Lee, is under investigation for bookmaking.

Richard Lee is a notable character since he was the only person who didn't shill out to an online poker room. While other players were making endorsement deals with online poker sites, Lee passed on all offers saying he was just playing for the city of San Antonio.

Apparently, his goodwill towards his home town was not enough to prevent the San Antonio police from raiding his home today. Lee is suspected of running an extensive bookmaking operation that included an internet gambling site. Police claim to have found betting slips of players and other indications of gambling activity.

So far, no arrests have been made in the case.

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