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Police Detail Case Against WSOP Finalist

Law, 2006-09-02, by TwoGun

Several days ago, Richard Lee's home was raided by San Antonio police, seeking evidence to connect him to an illegal San Antonio-based bookmaking operation. Lee placed sixth year at this year's WSOP and is notable in that he was the only WSOP finalist to not strike a deal with an online poker site.

It turns out that Richard Lee allegedly has an online gambling site of his own, and police claim that it is based in San Antonio. Police allege that Lee's site,, pretends that it is based offshore but in reality is run by Lee in San Antonio.

A vice office has apparently been investigating Lee for over a year now. It is alleged that Lee took bets from people in San Antonio using phone lines as well as the website. According to, Lee's website has minimal traffic, suggesting that the site was only accessed by people who knew of Lee's operation (i.e. it was not a large, internet-based company like Bodog or BetonSports). It is also notable that Lee's site go a grade of F by sportsbook watchdog,

It also seems that people settled debts with Lee. Checks with memo "Gamb Loss" have been presented as evidence.

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