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SportingBet Chairman Detained By US Authorities

Law, 2006-09-07, by TwoGun

About six weeks ago, the CEO of a major US-focused sportsbook, BetonSports, was arrested by US authorities. Many believed that this arrest was company-specific, since BetonSports has had ties to organized crime in the past.

It now seems that US authorities are cracking down on sports betting companies. They have recently detained Peter Dicks, Chairman of Sportingbet. Dicks was visiting the United States on matters not related to Sportingbet.

In contrast to the BetonSports case, the Sportingbet Chairman is being held on a Louisiana state gambling offense. While the BetonSports case was the result of a federal investigation, this case seems to be the result of a state investigation.

Sportingbet is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange. It's major brands are,, and Paradise Poker.

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