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Sportingbet Arrest Updates

Law, 2006-09-08, by TwoGun

When Peter Dicks was first arrested, most thought it was a signal that the DOJ was cracking down on foreign sports betting companies accepting wagers from US residents. This is due to the recent BetonSports case, where US federal government filed racketeering and wire act charges against the CEO of BetonSports.

It's become clear now that the two cases have nothing to do with each other.

First, Dicks is being held on a Louisiana state gambling charge related to "gambling by computer." Louisiana, a state littered with video poker machines in addition to several brick and mortar casinos and a state lottery, passed a law against Internet gambling. They are holding Dicks on this charge, and Dicks faces up to five years in prison if he is found guilty. It seems that United States Department of Justice has nothing to do with this case, as no federal charges have been filed.

Second, Dicks is currently in New York and is fighting extradition to Louisiana. The extradition hearing will take place September 14th.

Unlike BetonSports, Sportingbet is continuing to operate normally. A temporary restraining order has not been filed against Sportingbet. Unlike BetonSports, which was devastated by the DOJ case, the company seems to remain stable after the arrest. Sportingbet has stated that they have not been contacted by US authorities about this case, and they were unaware of any outstanding warrants against their executives.

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