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Titan Poker Tournament Titan Promotion

Promotions, 2006-09-10, by Ozone

Titan Poker is giving players a chance to compete in a freeroll with a million dollar prize pool. The freeroll is limited to the first 20 players who make three final tables in a row. Only select tournaments are eligible to be considered part of the three in a row. Among these tournaments include six daily tournaments that typically draw a player pool of 100-500. All 20 players in the freeroll will win cash prizes; 1st will win $200,000 while 20th wins $25,000.

While this might sound like a great opportunity to score a nice cash prize, it is important to note the absurd nature of this promotion. The odds of a player making three consecutive final tables in these tournaments is a huge longshot. One could expect that a small handful of players will fluke their way into the freeroll over the next year. However, in order for the freeroll to take place, 20 players will need to qualify. It would not be unreasonable to estimate that it could take more than five years for 20 different players to make three consecutive final tables.

For example, suppose a person is an excellent player and has a 10% chance of making a final table in one of these tournaments. Even this type of player has only a 1/1000 chance of qualifying for this promotion. Someone who has a 1/20 chance of final tabling would have only a 1/8000 chance of winning. For someone to have even a reasonable chance of taking advantage of this promotion within three years, he or she would need to be very good at tournament poker and make a concerted effort to play in as many small field qualifying tournaments as possible.

In Titan Poker's defense, this exactly the type of promotion that fishy players gobble up after not bothering to analyze the terms and conditions (let alone odds of occurance). So, while one could question whether or not Titan Poker will ever actually give away one million dollars through this promotion, this promotion will definitely succeed in making their multi-table tournaments easier.

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