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Harrah's Sues To Acquire Domain

WSOP, 2006-09-22, by TwoGun

Most people in the poker world know the acronym WSOP is short for the World Series of Poker. However, if you go to, you will find the website for the "World Standard of Online Poker," a website owned by Federico Schiavio, a former Binion's IT manager.

The current is in no way affiliated with Harrah's. It appears to be an online poker room in development. previously diverted traffic to a different online poker site.

Harrah's believes its World Series of Poker trademark entitles it to the rights for the domain. It alleges that the current owner of the website illegaly associates the World Series of Poker brand to promote online poker.

Harrah's claims that "Schiavio's use of the WSOP mark in connection (with) the domain name is intended to trade off Harrah's goodwill and reputation and deceive people into thinking Internet gambling is acceptable." Please note that Harrah's is quick to lambast online poker, even though they had a ad front and center of every table at the World Series of Poker, as well as a ad as the top banner ad at

Harrah's acts as if it differentiates the brand name from the brand. If they are under the assumption that those domain names are perceived as totally unrelated, it certainly shouldn't be a logical leap to think that wsop can be perceived as an acronym for something other than the World Series of Poker.

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