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Bwin Updates

Law, 2006-09-22, by TwoGun

Co-chief executives of Bwin, Manfred Bodner and Norbert Teufelberger, were detained in France last Friday and charged with illegally offering its betting products to French residents.

Both executives were released Monday on bail. Bwin recently held a press conference, where executives commented on their weekend in jail, as well as their plans for suing France.

Executives described the conditions of their cell as unreasonably squalid. They claimed the cell had not been cleaned for many months, there was no toilet paper, no mattresses, and they were both sick. The executives also claimed they received no notification from France that it considered Bwin's activities illegal. They also claimed they had no idea France sought to take action against the company if it continued offering its betting products to French residents.

A lawyer of Bwin claimed France had violated the human rights of the executives due to the squalid conditions of their stay. He also claimed that French action to restrict Bwin's products from France is a violation of EU law, since it is done to protect France's monopoly.

The European Commission is already investigating France's actions against the Bwin's executives. The two executives are due back in France in November to face charges.

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