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Neteller Phishing On The Rise

Computers, 2006-10-05, by TwoGun

Phishing is the practice where hackers send emails designed to solicit people's usernames and passwords for online banking sites or money transfer sites. Typically, the email looks like a genuine email from the online banking site or money transfer site.

Often, the email will somehow scare the user and then direct the user to visit a link that takes the user to a site that looks like the online banking site. The user will then be asked for his username and password. Upon entering the username and password, the hackers are able to have access to the person's online banking account and then proceed to drain funds from it.

There has been a recent increase in the amount of phishing emails targeting Neteller accounts. The phishing emails typically attempt to solicit the user to visit the phony Neteller site in one of two ways.

First, the email may scare the user, saying the user has engaged in fraudelent or illegal transfers with the account.

Second, the email may tell the user that he has money waiting in his or her Neteller account. Most often, it says Party Poker sent the person money. Since many American users will be cashing out money from Party Poker due to the recently passed legislation, it seems the timing of the increase in phishing emails is not coincidental.

If you ever receive any of these emails, it is suggested you delete them. If you want to check your neteller account, proceed directly to Do not click on any links in the email.

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