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"Amarillo Slim" Preston Has Shots Fired At His Vehicle

Celebrities, 2006-10-11, by Ozone

According to police in Amarillo, Texas, Thomas "Amarillo Slim" Preston Jr.'s vehicle was cut off by a yellow vehicle last Wednesday. The driver of the yellow vehicle got out and approached Preston's vehicle demanding money. Preston said "no" before putting his car in reverse and fleeing the scene. As he was fleeing the robber pulled a gun and fired three shots at the front of Preston's car.

The gunman proceeded to get back into his vehicle and trail Preston for a few minutes. Eventually Preston lost the pursuing vehicle and was able to stop to call for help. No one was injured and Preston himself declined to comment on the incident.

Ironically a biographical movie is in the works that is set to star Nicolas Cage as Amarillo Slim. This story may give producers a reason to add another scene to the script. The legendary gambler was the winner of the 1972 World Series of Poker.

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