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Jamie Gold Files Motion in Nevada District Court

Law, 2006-11-06, by Ozone

Another chapter in the Jamie Gold vs. Crispin Leyser debacle was written last week. In a motion filed with the U.S. District Court of Nevada, Gold finally told his version of what took place with Leyser during the WSOP tournament.

In the motion, Gold admits to making a promise to Leyser, but insisted it was just a gift to help his unemployed friend meet rental obligations. Leyser had previously alleged that Gold promised him half of his winnings in exchange for securing celebrity endorsement of Bodog through participation in the Main Event. Gold denied this claim outright saying he did not discuss sharing any proceeds from his WSOP participation, let alone to do so for Leyser's influence on celebrities for the benefit of Bodog.

After Leyser filed legal action against Gold, drawing a large amount of negative attention on the newly minted world champion, Gold decided he was not going to follow through on his gift to Leyser. Gold's motion also said of Leyser, "[he] acted unreasonably and refused to recognize necessary expenses or provide protection to Gold for legitimate tax issues."

Stay tuned as this matter continues to unfold in the courts...

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