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BetonSports Civil Suit Concludes

Law, 2006-11-09, by TwoGun

Several months ago, the BetonSports saga was the major law-related online gambling story. This case has since taken a backseat in media coverage due to the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Nevertheless, it remains one of the top online gambling news stories of the year.

BetonSports was sued both criminally and civilly by the U.S. government due to their online gambling operation (in particular, their sports betting website). The two parties have now reached a settlement regarding the civil case. BetonSports has agreed to permanently stop taking U.S. bets, though it admits no wrongdoing in doing so in the past. The company will also send American customers their money that is in their accounts.

BetonSports personnel still face criminal charges in relation to the case. In particular, the former CEO of the company, David Carruthers, is being held under house arrest in the St. Louis area pending trial.

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