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Pamela Anderson Abandons Online Poker Site

Celebrities, 2006-11-10, by TwoGun

About four months ago, blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson launched her own online poker room, Her site was part of the Tribeca network, which is also host to Doyle Brunson's poker room. Anderson is good friends with Brunson, and the two staged a mock wedding during the 2006 WSOP.

Since the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, it seems Pamela Anderson has decided to end her involvement with her online poker room.

On her site, Anderson made the following comments on her website about her involvement with

"Poker site should have been shut down last month. I have nothing to do with it anymore. Too many shady areas. I really don't want to encourage people to gamble. This must be turned off. It just didn't work out. Even in my heart. Good luck to Doyle's Room. I love him. He is authentic to the game. I made a mistake getting involved in something I know nothing about for a quick buck! Yuck. So unlike me. Glad it's over."

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