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888 Founder Offers Palestinian Government $1 Billion For Peace

Business, 2006-12-20, by TwoGun

888 is one of the largest online gambling companies, owning 888 Poker as well as Casino-on-Net. Its founder, Avi Shaked, is ready to use the bulk of his fortune to promote peace in his native land.

Shaked is prepared to offer the Palestinian Authority $1 billion in exchange for a peace treaty with Israel. Shaked has already contacted the Prime Minister of the Palestianian Authority, Ismail Haniyeh, about the deal. Haniyeh is reported to be considering the offer.

If the deal went through, Shaked would form a private equity company with $1 billion to invest in the Palestinian economy. The Palestinians would receive $100 million for sitting down at the negotiating table and another $900 million if a peace treaty was signed.

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