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Live At The Bike

, 2005-02-06, by TwoGun

Poker shows on television are very popular. The World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour have garnered incredible ratings. However, a common complaint about these shows is that they are always tape delayed. The producers of the show tape the weeklong tournaments and condense them into an hour or two of footage. Doing this allows the producers to display the hole cards of each player and also allows them to focus the show on the more entertaining parts of the tournament.

However, by the time people watch the shows, everyone already knows who won and lost the tournament. Also, these shows almost never portray live, cash games. In order to fill this void, the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles is now displaying live webcasts of many of the poker games there. These webcasts will specifically include the high-stakes cash games played at The Bike. For more information, check out this Press Release.

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