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Poker A Game Of Luck Says London Court

Law, 2007-01-16, by Ozone

In a landmark case for the poker world, Derek Kelly, manager of a London poker club, was convicted today on two counts of violating the Gaming Act. The court ruled that Mr. Kelly has been acting in violation of the law by hosting poker games at his club without a license.

During the trial Mr. Kelly pointed out that licenses are not needed to host games of skill. He argued that poker, like chess and bridge, is a game of skill. The jury sided against Mr. Kelly by agreeing with the prosecution's argument that shuffling a deck of cards was enough to make poker a game of luck.

Justice Simon Wilkinson said that a not guilty verdict "could have caused enormous problems for the gaming industry because then you have the green light in some people's eyes for unregulated poker." Mr. Kelly is not expected to serve any jail time.

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