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Rounders Tournaments

, 2005-02-22, by TwoGun

The Gaming Club has introduced a new promotion that allows people to play lower buy-in, single-table tournaments in order to pay for entries into higher buy-in, single-table tournaments. These Rounders Tournaments are very similar to the Party Poker Steps Tournaments. By very similar, I mean The Gaming Club pretty much copied the idea from Party Poker.

Basically, there are five levels with different buyins- $5.50+$.50, $25+$2.50, $112.50 + $11.25, $275 + $27.50, and $550 + $55. Placing well in a lower level tournament earns a player an entry into the next higher level tournament. At the final level, $550+$55, prizes are awarded to the top four finishers. First place gets $3,000 and second through fourth place receives $1,200, $800, and $500 respectively.

These sorts of tournaments are very popular with people who are fans of the sit and go tournaments. Considering the competition at The Gaming Club is pretty soft, these tournaments represent a way for lower limit players to potentially win a handsome sum of money. However, the major downside of these tournaments is that it takes a lot of luck to be able to consistently place well if you want to parlay a small entry into a big prize. For more information about The Gaming Club, check out our The Gaming Club Review.

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