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Empire Poker Prime Time

, 2005-02-26, by TwoGun

Every night, Empire Poker is holding a large guaranteed prize pool tournament. The prize pools for these tournaments are generally between $10,000 and $50,000. What is special about these tournaments is that Empire is guaranteeing these prize pools.

Basically, when a poker room guarantees a prize pool, the poker room will add extra money to the prize pool until the prize pool is at least the amount they guaranteed. For example, suppose there is a $10,000 guaranteed tournament with a $100 buyin. If 300 people enter, the prize pool would be $30,000, so the guarantee does not matter. However, if only 50 people enter, the prize pool would only be $5,000. Since it is less than $10,000, the poker room would end up having to add $5,000 more to the prize pool to match the guarantee.

It seems that Empire Poker is having to add money to the prize pool quite often. An example would be the tournament held yesterday. The guaranteed prize pool for this tournament was $15,000. The buyin was $25+2 and 508 people entered. This means the prize pool without the guarantee was $12,700. So Empire had to pony up an additional $2,300 to the prize pool. This means that the payouts were on average 18% higher than they normally would be.

For more info about Empire Poker, check out our Empire Poker Review.

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