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, 2004-03-08, by TwoGun

We have expanded the website with some new strategy articles as well as some more reviews. <a href=">Why Play Poker</a> was added to the Beginner's Corner of the strategy section. This article goes over the various reasons why people play poker. There are many reasons people play poker- for fun, relaxation, profit, etc. Understanding why people play poker is sometimes the first step to becoming a better poker player. Poker Networks was added to the Reference section. This article goes into the details of the various online poker networks. Often, many poker websites will share a common poker room with various features. This article explains how a poker network works and lists the major poker networks.

We added two site reviews. The first review is of 24h Poker. This is a relatively new poker room. It primarily has European players and its focus is Omaha. However, the poker room suffers from a lack of players. The other review is of Golden Palace Poker. We were not impressed by Golden Palace Poker, mainly because of some of their cashout and player policies.

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