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Neteller Withdraws From Canadian And Turkish Markets

Business, 2007-03-26, by TwoGun

Due to the perceived risks of continuing to service Canada and Turkey, Neteller has chosen to no longer fully service these markets. Effective April 9 for Canada and March 26 for Turkey, Neteller will no longer process transactions to online gambling websites.

Interestingly, based on the language of the press release, it seems Neteller may continue processing transactions from online gambling sites to Canadian customers, though not for Turkish customers. Canadian customers can also still use their account for peer-to-peer transactions and pre-paid debit transactions.

Neteller has stated the withdrawal from Canada will result in significantly reduced profits for the company, but the withdrawal from Turkey will not have much effect since they do not have many Turkish customers.

For both of these countries, Neteller claims customers can still use their accounts for non-gambling transactions. Of course, what non-gambling transactions Neteller offers has not yet been established.

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