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The Tournament Titan Update

Freerolls, 2007-03-28, by Ozone

One of the most lucrative freerolls in the history of online poker is waiting on two more players to qualify. Titan Poker's "The Tournament Titan" promotion is a $1,000,000 freeroll that is limited to twenty entrants. To win a seat, one must reach three consecutive final tables in select multi-table tournaments at Titan Poker. So far, eighteen players have accomplished this feat.

First place in this freeroll is worth $200,000. Even the twentieth place finisher wins $25,000.

Due to a merge with the Tribeca network, Titan Poker has recently experienced a growth in their player base. This growth has increased the difficulty of winning a seat to the Tournament Titan freeroll.

It could possibly take several months to fill the last two remaining seats. Reaching three consecutive final tables is no easy task in the select events, which are now drawing upwards of 500 players.

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