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Titan Poker's Spring Bonanza Promotion

Promotions, 2007-04-16, by Ozone

Mid-limit and high-limit players have a chance to qualify for large freerolls at Titan Poker. A total of $350,000 will be awarded through five different freerolls.

Tournament players can qualify for a $100,000 freeroll by accumulating points earned through performance in four of Titan Poker's regularly scheduled tournaments:

* Friday $50,000 Guaranteed
* $20,000 GP Freezeout, held Saturdays
* $100,000 Guaranteed, held Sundays
* $15,000 GP Double Stack, held daily at 19:45 BST

The top 400 point earners win a seat to the freeroll, which will be held on May 26th.

Cash game players can win seats to any of four different freerolls. The largest of these is a $100,000 tournament open to the 125 players who record the most raked hands in $25/$50 no-limit, and the 75 players who record the most hands in $10/$20 no-limit. With just 200 players, this tournament has a value of $500 per player.

Seats to three other freerolls can be won from playing smaller cash games. The smallest cash games that feed into a freeroll are the $2/$4 no-limit tables and the $10/$20 limit tables.

This promotion is running now at Titan Poker. The freerolls take place between May 26th and June 10th.

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