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The Great Poker Debate

, 2005-03-09, by TwoGun

Currently, all online poker companies are located outside of the United States since no state licenses and regulates online poker rooms. This may soon change as North Dakota is considering a bill that will regulate online poker rooms. This bill has already passed the North Dakota house, and it was up for discussion recently in the Senate.

Proponents of the bill made their case. They cited the fact that online poker companies already exist, so a state might as well regulate them. Regulation will promote more responsible gambling as well as provide a lot of tax dollars for North Dakota. Additionally, representatives from online poker rooms as well as legal experts testified in front of the North Dakota Senate.

Opponents of the bill attacked it by citing the social effects of gambling. Sponsors of the bill addressed these remarks by arguing that this only further helped their case. Since people will play online poker anyway, the industry might as well be more regulated so problem gaming can be more easily addressed and monitored.

A vote on this bill will take place soon. For more information, check out this Grand Forks Herald Article.

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