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Bwin Possibly Seeking Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In Damages From German States

Law, 2007-06-22, by TwoGun

Bwin is considering a lawsuit that would seek hundreds of millions of dollars in damages from the German states. In an attempt to protect their gambling monopolies, Bwin claims German states have attempted to prevent the company from marketing to and servicing German players.

Bwin is confident that both the European Court of Justice and Germany's Federal Constitution Court will find the German states' actions illegal. Bwin believes the actions by the German states have significantly hindered the company's profits and have also damaged the company's reputation.

Bwin is one of the largest European sportsbooks and also operates the Ongame poker network. The company has been on the forefront of the European legal scene ever since French authorities arrested the company's two CEOs. In an effort to bolster its gambling monopoly, France detained the two executives on charges of "illegally" marketing to French players. The French case is still pending.

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