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CEO Poker Tour Comes Under Fire

Tournaments, 2007-07-17, by TwoGun

Many live tournament players are furious at the CEO Poker Tour after entering an event advertised as a $2500+$100 event. Later, they discovered that, after tournament fees listed in fine print, the tournament was actually a $2150+$450 tournament.

Many players who entered the tournament were unaware of the host of fees the tournament charged. In addition to the 4% went to the Venetian, 3% went to the Venetian staff, 5% went to a charity chosen by the CEO Poker Tour, and 6% was deducted for the CEO Poker Tour (the CEO Poker Tour has claimed this went to the Venetian staff and it was only compensated on a flat rate basis by the Venetian).

The combined fees made the tournament an absolutely horrible value for players, though many players believed they were playing a low vig tournament since the tournament itself was advertised as a $2500+$100 tournament.

Before this story broke, Ozone and I spoke with a representative of the CEO Poker Tour while at the WSOP Expo. At the time, the representative boasted that 90% of the tournaments' entrants were executives of a company. Since the CEO Poker Tour was open to everyone, this means that the vast majority of entrants were casual players (unless you consider degenerate, semi-professional poker players executives).

Of course, she did not mention the insane vigorish the tournament charged for its Main Event.

The next CEO Poker Tour event is planned August 30-September 10 at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

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