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Neteller Begins Redistributing Funds To Americans

Business, 2007-07-30, by TwoGun

Neteller began its plan of returning funds to its US customers today. US account holders are able to login into the website and request their full balances returned to them. Neteller estimates that people should begin receiving their funds in three business days.

US account holders had their balances frozen since January due to the arrests of the company's founders. Neteller was blacklisted in the US banking market, so it was unable to transfer funds back to its US customers for over six months.

Americans did not receive any interest on their frozen balanaces. Furthermore, when requesting the return of their balance, they were prompted to agree to a form stipulating that they agree to release Neteller from any legal claims (in return, Neteller also would release any legal claims on them). Agreeing to this release was not required to receive their funds.

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