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Michigan Casino Opens Fully Automated Poker Room

Oddities, 2007-08-07, by Ozone

The Four Winds Casino Resort, in New Buffalo, Michigan just opened the world's first fully automated poker room. In place of dealers, each table has computer screens that display hole cards and betting amounts. The room has 19 such tables, 15 of which seat 10 players, and 4 heads-up tables.

PokerTek, the company that manufactured the tables for Four Winds, said their tables are in play all over the world. However, this is the first such casino to exclusively use automated poker tables.

Four Winds, located about 70 miles from Chicago, can now offer unique action like heads-up tournaments and live cash games with a hands-per-hour rate that rivals online poker. Matt Harkness, the GM of Four Winds, said that the new tables give "players more action with fewer hassles and distractions."

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