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Split Vote in North Dakota

, 2005-03-20, by TwoGun

North Dakota is considering a bill that would legalize and regulate online poker rooms in the state. Debate over this bill has been intense. Proponents have claimed that regulation would bring in more tax dollars as well as help control problem gambling. Critics have claimed that the bill would lead to more compulsive gamblers.

The bill has already passed the North Dakota House. The next step for it is to pass the North Dakota Senate. In North Dakota, the senate has a committee review its bills before they go to the floor. In this case, the Senate Judiciary Committee reviewed the bill. The committee generally makes a recommendation about the bill, and this recommendation strongly influences the opinions of the senators.

However, for the online poker bill, no consensus was reached by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee split its vote 3-3. So this bill will go to the floor without a recommendation from the Senate Judiciary Committee. More than likely, the final vote will also be a very close one.

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