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Party Poker's 'The Grind' Promotion

Promotions, 2007-08-25, by Ozone

Starting on Monday, August 27th, Party Poker is launching a promotion dubbed 'The Grind'. Just trying to understand this promotion is quite the "grind" in and of itself, but bear with me:

For two weeks, players have an opportunity to qualify for up to 12 freerolls. Week one runs from August 27th to September 1st. Week two runs from September 3rd to September 8th. It is during each of these two time spans that players can 'Grind' their way into various freerolls.

The minimum "grinding" requirements to qualify for the most basic freeroll (which has a $2,000 cash and 10 iPod prize pool) is to earn at least 25 PartyPoints each day for three consecutive days. The maximum freeroll one may qualify for (which has a $20,000 cash, 10 iPod, and 10 Nintendo Wii prize pool) is to earn at least 300 PartyPoints each day for five consecutive days.

That are intermediate freerolls between these two extremes. Any combination of grinding for three, four, or five consecutive days while earning at least 25, 50, or 300 PartyPoints during those days gains a player entry into a freeroll. In addition to the top freeroll a player qualifies for, they are also eligible to participate in all of the lesser freerolls they surpassed along the way.

All of the freerolls for week one will take place on Sunday, September 2nd. All of the freerolls for week two will take place on Sunday, September 9th. There are a total of six freerolls on each of these days.

Players who manage to grind for five consecutive days during each week will be entered in a drawing for a brand-new Mini Cooper S Convertible. The player who wins the car, as well as players who win any of the 120 iPods or 80 Nintendo Wiis which are set to be given away, will not be awarded the prize, but rather "frozen" cash in their account. This cash will remain "frozen" for seven days. During this time, players may email Party Poker and request the prize they won. After the seven days, if a player does not request their prize, they forfeit their right to that prize and instead have their funds unfrozen. Party Poker is valuing the Wii at $400, the iPod at $360, and the car at $40,000. According to Mini USA's website, the MSRP on this car is $22,600. Whoever wins the car would be strongly advised to keep the cash.

Players who fullfill the 'Grind' requirements for week one of this promotion are eligible to a reload bonus. Further details of this reload bonus are available in the Terms & Conditions section for 'The Grind' promotion. Good luck trying to figure it all out, I sure couldn't.

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