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, 2005-03-22, by TwoGun

In addition to reviewing online poker sites, we also review poker books and poker movies. We recently added a review of the book, Internet Poker: How to Play and Beat Online Poker Games and the movie, High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story.

The Internet Poker book was written by Lou Krieger and Kathleen K. Watterson. Krieger is a well-known author, producing both poker books as well as magazine articles. Like most of his writing, this book is written in a very casual tone and is easy to understand. However, the book has little to no content.

Internet Poker was written several years ago, when online poker was still in its infancy. Many people may or may not have been unfamiliar with how to go about signing up and playing at an online poker room. However, nowadays, I think most people will understand the basics of online poker, such as downloading poker room software. So the "how to play" part of the book basically just tells people what they already know.

As for the "how to beat" part of the book, it really does not exist. There is very little actual poker strategy in the book and certainly not enough to give anyone much of an edge in an internet game.

The other review is of the newly released DVD about Stu Ungar. High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story is an entertaining movie about the life of the legendary cardplayer. While some people may find it boring, I personally found the movie quite enjoyable.

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