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Largest Overlay Ever?

, 2005-03-25, by TwoGun

As part of their March blitz, 888 Poker is holding a Million Dollar Guaranteed Tournament. This means that the prize pool will be at least a million dollars, no matter how many people enter the tournament. The tournament will take place this Saturday at 3 PM ET.

The buyin for the tournament is $400+$40. So far, only 870 people have entered the tournament. If this tournament occured right now, Pacific would have to add $652,000 to the prize pool! The tournament will start in less than 24 hours, so this may be one of the juiciest prize pools ever!

More than likely, a lot of people will enter the tournament by the time it commences. However, 888 Poker will still probably have to add a lot of money. If I was a betting man, which I am, I would wager they will have to add at least $200,000 to the prize pool, perhaps even more.

In addition to buying directly into the tournament, players can win one of many satellites that Pacific is holding for this tournament. These satellites start with buyins as low as $2.

For more information about Pacific, check out our Pacific Poker Review.

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