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WTO Awards Antigua $21.1 Million A Year

Law, 2007-12-21, by TwoGun

The WTO is awarding Antigua with $21.1 million in damages a year from the US due to the United State's hostile stance towards online gambling.

Antigua wanted $3.4 billion a year, whereas the United States believed $500,000 was a fair number. The WTO came to the $21.1 million figure by estimating how much Antiguan operators would stand to make if they were able to take US horse racing bets.

The United States and Antigua have had a long-standing dispute over the United State's attempts to prohibit Antiguan web gambling operators from taking US bets. The WTO found in favor of Antigua, but only in the case of horse racing. The United States allows domestic operators to take horse racing bets from American residents but does not permit Antiguan operators.

The decision allows Antigua to ignore US copyrights and intellectual property claims up to $21.1 million. Theoretically, this means Antigua could sell pirated software and DVDs made from US companies up to $21.1 million a year.

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