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Pacific Poker/ Tournament League Update

Promotions, 2008-01-10, by Ozone

After "13792468" won the last two tournaments in our exclusive tournament league at 888 Poker, fellow countryman "MMarik" stepped up this week to make it three in a row for Austrian players. The win propelled "MMarik" to sixth place on the overall league standings.

With just one tournament remaining, "13792468" has clinched victory in the overall standings. He holds a lead of more than 100 points over "CougarMD". For finishing first in the league standings, "13792468" wins $350. There is still a four-way battle for second and third place, which pay $100 and $50, respectively.

It should be noted that, with one tournament yet to be played, only 19 players have earned points toward the overall league standings. The top 20 finishers will be invited to a $1,500 freeroll at 888 Poker.

To participate in the remaining tournament, simply submit your 888 Poker screenname to a PokerTips site administrator. If you do not have an account at Pacific Poker, note that our readers receive a 60% first-time deposit bonus up to $100. To receive this bonus, you must use a link from when signing up at Pacific Poker. Otherwise, your bonus will only be 25% up to $100.

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