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Poker Player Shot During Robbery

Oddities, 2008-02-28, by Ozone

A San Antonio, Texas home poker game was robbed by three masked men yesterday. The assailants fled with $3,000, but not before shooting one player twice in the chest. The victim, 49 year old Charles Lineberry, is in critical condition. Lineberry has an extensive tournament record with $170,000 in winnings spread over 39 cashes.

Another poker-related shooting occured last week in Florida where three players were murdered by a man who suspected them of cheating. The 28 year old who was charged with the murders apparently left the poker game and returned with a firearm and a knife. Two players aged 48 and 50 were both shot once. A third man, also 50 years of age, was shot twice and stabbed.

Both of these incidents took place in an underground poker game.

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