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$80 Million Challenge

, 2005-04-01, by TwoGun

Andy Beal and a group of high-stakes professionals, led by Doyle Brunson, have exchanged a series of letters about a proposed high-stakes, heads-up limit holdem match. Beal originally challenged the group, claiming that he believed he could defeat them. Beal and Brunson exchanged letters, negotiating the rules of the challenge.

There has been little news of this event until recently, when Beal proposed a counter-offer that accepts a lot of the conditions set by Brunson. Under the newest proposal, it would be a heads-up, freezeout match with each side posting $40 million dollars. The game would be played $30-$60k, with the option of increasing it up to $100-$200k. The location of this match would be a casino in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Under the terms of the challenge, the group of 16 players will get to choose who faces Beal. The professionals may swap in players; however, each opponent Beal faces must play until he or she won or lost $8 million. Furthermore, once a player has left the game, he or she would no longer be eligible to play against Beal again during the challenge.

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