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Pacific Poker Revamps First-Time Deposit Bonus

Bonuses, 2008-04-14, by Ozone

Recently, 888 Poker implemented a more competitive first-time deposit bonus. Their old bonus gave players 25% of their deposit up to $100. Now, players can take advantage of a 100% up to $400 bonus on their first deposit.

One aspect of 888 Poker's first-time deposit bonus that players have always enjoyed is that the bonus was immediately released to the account. This is still partially the case; 25% up to $100 of the new bonus is immediately released to players.

The remaining 75% up to $300 is a pending bonus that is released to players in one lump sum provided they earn the necessary comp points within 30 days of the deposit. To release the pending bonus, players need to earn 14 comp points for every $1 of the entire bonus. In the case of utilizing the entire bonus, 5,600 comp points (14 x $400) wound need to be earned before the $300 pending bonus is released.

For mid- to high-stakes players, this task shouldn't be too difficult. However, small stakes players could find it hard to clear the pending bonus within 30 days if they take advantage of the full deposit.

This new bonus offering comes in a timely manner. On April 26th, 888 Poker will be hosting one of the largest tournaments in the history of online poker. The World Poker Crown has a buy-in of $1,000+$50 with a guaranteed prize pool of $3,000,000. There is a reasonable chance that Pacific will have to pony up overlay money for this tournament. Just 12 days before the tournament starts, only 531 players are registered. First place is guaranteed to be $1,000,000.

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