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Two-Day Tournament

, 2005-04-02, by TwoGun

Poker Room is hosting the first ever two-day online tournament. The tournament starts on Saturday April 2nd at 3:00 ET. The buy in is a whopping $1000, but the tournament has a $0 entry fee, which is very rare.

Currently, 365 players have registered for this tournament, including some well known online pros. The prize pool for this tournament is expected to exceed $500,000, but is not guaranteed to do so.

If you can afford the steep buy-in, this tournament has a great structure with $10,000 starting chips and only 10/20 blinds. The blinds increase every half-hour. There are satallites running around the clock, so players with smaller bankrolls can take a chance at playing in the first two-day online tournament ever.

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