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WSOP Main Event Will Last Four Months

WSOP, 2008-05-01, by Ozone

The lucky nine players who reach the final table in the 2008 WSOP Main Event will have to wait four grueling months before playing the final table. WSOP officials announced that play will be suspended when nine players remain. On November 9th, they will resume play after a 117 day hiatus.

ESPN will air a two-hour special covering the final table on November 11th. ESPN will also air a special on November 4th that documents what the nine players have done since the tournament was paused.

If something happens to a finalist that precludes them from November participation, their chip stack will be blinded off. This schedule change has sparked a heated debate in the poker world. Critics point out the potential for collusion, coaching, and ample time to study opponents on film. However, the rule change also gives players more time to negotaite sponsorship deals.

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