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Nevada Gaming Commission Approves Royal Hold'em

Poker Rules, 2008-05-26, by Ozone

Last week, the Nevada Gaming Commission ruled in favor of allowing a new poker variant called "Royal Hold'em" to be played in the state's casinos. The game abides by the same rules as Texas Hold'em, only the deck features 20 cards instead of 52; only Tens through Aces are used. This smaller deck means that only a maximum of six players can participate.

Although the game is played with limit betting, it is already being called the "world's fastest poker game." The game is appealing to casinos and players alike for its high level of action. More betting and less folding leads to larger pots and more excitement for all involved.

Said Vincent Zaldivar, President of New Poker, the company which created and markets Royal Hold'em, "We are very grateful to the Nevada Gaming Commission for its approval."

It will be interesting to monitor this poker variant's future. Players may likely make significant mistakes while they adjust to the nuances of the game. However, it shouldn't take long to adapt a near-optimal strategy. If the game doesn't facilitate conditions through which players could extract a significant edge over their competition, its failure would not be terribly surprising.

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