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PokerTips Premium Launches!

Poker Strategy, 2008-06-11, by Ozone

An exciting new addition to launched today: PokerTips Premium. This new section will contain online poker strategy videos and articles on how to improve your game. Additionally, Premium members will have access to "Fundamentals of No-Limit Hold'em", an eBook written by PokerTips' founders.

Members of our poker forums who have over 2,000 posts can claim their free PokerTips Premium access key. To do so, send a private message to forum member "Ozone".

For everyone else, we are pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Tony G Poker. In addition to a 50% first-time deposit bonus up to $300, players who create a real-money account at Tony G Poker using a link from PokerTips will be eligible to unlock their PokerTips Premium Membership. Be sure to use bonus code "PREMIUM" when depositing.

After signing up at Tony G Poker, email us at with your Tony G usernname. We will respond with your access key to Tony G Poker within 24-48 hours. It is important to note that players at Tony G Poker have a usernname as well as a screenname. Email us the usernname (example: TG2934323). We do not need your screenname.

Note: Tony G Poker does not currently accept players from the United States. We will be adding additional options to gain access to PokerTips Premium in the coming weeks!

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