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UK Bill Developments

, 2005-04-07, by Mercy

The United Kingdom has been considering a gambling bill that will alter the gambling landscape in the country. It would allow for larger, Las Vegas style casinos. It would also license and regulate internet gambling operations.

Since parliament will be dissolved Monday, it seemed that the bill was doomed for failure. Conservatives were against the bill because they claimed that the new, larger casinos would cause an epidemic of gambling problems.

However, it seems a compromised has been reached. Instead of eight super casinos, only one will be allowed under the amended gambling bill. This casino would function as a test case to see if more of these types of casinos should be allowed in the future. The portions of the bill related to internet gambling remain intact. If the bill passes, the UK will officially begin licensing and regulating internet gambling, which would include online poker rooms.

This bill will likely be voted into law very soon or it will officially die when parliament dissolves on Monday.

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