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Party Poker WSOP Steps

, 2005-04-11, by TwoGun

Party Poker has many different types of tournaments. Some of the more popular ones are the "steps" tournaments, where players play in single-table tournaments of gradually higher buyins. People who place well at lower-buyin tournaments win a buy-in into higher buy-in single-table tournaments, with all the prizes being given out at the highest buy-in single-table tournament.

Party recently added WSOP steps tournaments. This is a series of six tournament, culminating in a $2000+$150 buy-in that awards one WSOP seat (and a lot of seats into other WSOP steps tournaments). While this seems interesting, I highly, highly, highly suggest against playing in these tournaments.

What Party Poker has done is a very smart business move. They have basically made it so that most people who play in these tournaments will pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in entry fees without realizing it. For example, someone working their way up the steps tournament from step 3 could easily pay over $400 in entry fees to Party Poker. That is totally ridiculous, as you could enter a whole satellite tournament from all of those entry fees.

Basically, while the steps concept are an interesting concept, Party has gotten too greedy with the recent, WSOP version. While they may be fun, I highly, highly suggest you try qualifying for the WSOP through some other means than the Party Poker WSOP Steps tournaments. The regular WSOP satellites at Party Poker, or any other online poker site, are a much better deal.

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