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Swede Wins WSOP Europe Seat in Unorthodox Fashion

Promotions, 2008-07-23, by Ozone

Patrons at the WSOP this year might have noticed a Mini Cooper convertible filled to the brim with poker chips sitting in a hallway outside the Amazon Room. The car was brought in by Betfair Poker. Their sponsored pros Annette Obrestad, John Tabatabai, and Sorel Mizzi helped pour thousands of chips into the car before it was safely secured behind plexiglass.

In the days following, Betfair invited bystanders to guess the number of chips inside the car. Whoever guessed nearest to the exact amount would receive a free £10,000 seat to the WSOP Europe Main Event.

Needless to say, that prize enticed a lot of poker players into making a guess. Swedish player Marcus Gustafson defied probability by guessing 127,644, which was within three chips from the exact amount inside the car!

For the impressive estimation, Gustafson's WSOP Europe experience will come courtesy of Betfair Poker.

For those interested in winning a WSOP Europe package in a more conventional fashion, visit Betfair Poker to win a satellite. Use bonus code "BFP600" for a first time deposit bonus up to $600.

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