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New Blackjack Program

, 2005-04-17, by TwoGun

Most online poker rooms only offer poker against other players. However, some poker rooms also offer a few casino games, in the hopes of making extra money.

Recently, Paradise Poker has added blackjack, both real-money and play-money, to their poker client. This means people can play blackjack while they are playing at the poker tables.

The most obvious reason Paradise has done this is to make extra money. Blackjack is a house game. It is impossible for a player to win at online blackjack in the long run. This is because the cards are shuffled after every hand, so it is impossible to count cards.

While the decision to play blackjack is ultimately in the hands of the player, I would advise against it. You cannot win at the game in the long run, so the only reason to play it would be entertainment.

This blackjack program may also make the games tougher at Paradise. Most people who play the blackjack game will be casual players, not the professionals. People are generally only willing to lose a certain amount of money before quitting poker. So instead of losing money at the poker tables, the money is just going to be lost at blackjack.

For more info about Paradise Poker, check out our Paradise Poker Review.

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