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More Poker in Florida

, 2005-04-18, by TwoGun

Card rooms are legal at horse and dog tracks in the American state of Florida, though there are restrictions placed on them.

Currently, horse and dog track owners can only have their poker rooms open when they are running races. The popularity of poker has gotten to the point where these race track owners are running more and more races just so they can keep their poker rooms open. Many people seem to be going to the race tracks mainly for the poker, with the races just being a side attraction.

A bill proposed in the Florida Senate would allow these race tracks to keep their card rooms even when no races are held. This bill was approved by the Senate Regulated Industries Committee by a vote of 7-2. The bill has not been proposed in the Florida House yet. However, the sponsors of the bill are expected to push for the bill in the Florida House as well.

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