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Michael Phelps Is No Fish

Celebrities, 2008-10-20, by Ozone

American swimmer Michael Phelps could have been confused as a fish at this summer's Olympic games where he won eight gold medals. However, it appears he is anything but a fish at the poker tables. Phelps participated in event No. 2 of the Caesars Palace Classic in Las Vegas this weekend, a $1,500 buy-in. Out of a field of more than 150 players, Phelps managed to reach the final table.

His luck ran out in ninth place when he got Ace-King all-in against Ace-Jack. He was quickly introduced to the emotional perils of the poker world when his opponent hit a Jack on the river. That performance earned Phelps $5,000.

Caesars Palace ceremoniously presented Phelps with a gold medal for his ninth place finish.

Since Phelps found success in one of the first live tournaments of his career, it seems reasonable to expect this won't be the last we've seen of him on the poker scene.

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