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WPT Championship

, 2005-04-25, by TwoGun

Most big-buyin tournaments have only a $10,000 buy-in. However, the World Poker Tour championship has a $25,000 buy-in. This tournament is held at the Bellagio each year, and it is generally the largest buy-in event of the World Poker Tour.

Since the buy-in is so much larger, not nearly as many people enter this event as the World Series of Poker championship event. Nevertheless, 452 people entered the tournament this year, which is a sizeable increase over the 343 entrants last year.

This year, the final table consisted of many seasoned poker professionals, such as Phil Ivey and John Phan. However, it was Tuan Le who ended up winning the event. Le took home a $2,856,150 prize for his efforts.

For more information, check out this Las Vegas Sun Article.

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